Why Advertise Long-Term on Radio?

  • There are few “get rich quick” stories in advertising.
    It takes time to build a profitable rapport with those in your community.  This relationship is developed through consistently and repeatedly reaching the public with your message.
  • Repetition is proof in the advertising business.
    To sell anything, you need to do three things: introduce yourself, sell the listener on your quality, and draw them into your business.  Many advertisers only succeed in bringing their audience to step two.  Just because someone knows about you, does not mean that he or she has been convinced to buy.  This is where you need long-term advertising.  Frequency per listener is the name of the game. Listeners need to be repeatedly exposed to your message.
  • With long-term agreements you build a mutually beneficial partnership with the station.
    You become a preferred client.  Not only will you receive the greatest service, but you will get all the best that the station has to offer:  new ideas, new promotions, and added value of all kinds.  You need this type of partnership in order to achieve optimum results.